Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can enhance your body image, correct uneven symmetry, and restore balance to your figure, while simultaneously rejuvenating breasts that have lost volume and shape due to weight loss, aging, or pregnancy.

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    What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

    Also known as a mammoplasty, breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that enhances the shape and volume of your breasts. It is done by using implants that are filled with either a silicone gel or a saline solution.

    These implants are placed either behind the breast tissue, behind the breast muscle, or underneath the fascia, which is a thin tissue between your chest muscle and breast tissue.

    Breast augmentation can enhance your body image, correct uneven symmetry, and restore balance to your figure, while simultaneously rejuvenating breasts that have lost volume and shape due to weight loss, aging, or pregnancy.

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How Is Breast Augmentation Performed?

    In your consultation, our team will talk to you about your preferences, goals, and desired outcome. This will help us decide on the type of implant, sizing, the plane of insertion, and incision placement required to match these goals.

    For a breast augmentation procedure to be performed, a small incision will be made into the skin and a pocket is created for the implant. The implant will be slipped into the pocket, adjusted to fit the desired result, and then closed.

    A dressing will be applied over the incision and you will be given a post-operative bra to wear during recovery.

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    Incisions Required for Breast Augmentation

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    Our surgeons use advanced incision techniques and tools to minimize tissue damage and scarring.

    The incision site will be carefully chosen based on the visualization needed for the surgery & whether or not there is significant breast asymmetry. There are 3 incision options available. 

    1. An inframammary fold incision underneath the breast. This gives our surgeons optimal visualization of the breast area for the implant’s pocket preparation. It is also the ideal incision for correcting breast asymmetry.
    2. A peri-areola incision around the nipple.  This incision is made around the areola section of the breast and is excellent for patients with darker skin who are worried about potential scarring. Scarring is minimal with this incision.
    3. A transaxillary incision is made in the natural fold of the armpit. While this leaves minimal scarring, it is not an ideal incision for women who are correcting significant breast asymmetry. This is because it does not provide an optimal view of the breasts for implant positioning. 
    9-18 MONTHS

    How Is Breast Implant Size Chosen?

    When we are choosing a size for your implant, we take your body type, personal desires, and type of implant wanted into consideration.

    Factors that help determine the size include your height and both your shoulder and chest widths.

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    Who Is a Good Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

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    A fantastic candidate for breast augmentation is someone who is in good health and is fairly fit as this ensures that your body can handle the surgery and that you can recover swiftly afterward.

    Women who are looking to resolve asymmetrical breasts, increase breast size, increase cleavage appearance, or restore breast volume & shape are perfect for breast augmentation. If you are a smoker, you must quit at least 4-weeks ahead of your scheduled surgery.

    If you have recently given birth, the recommended time to wait is 1-2 months or 8 weeks before the consultation. This ensures that your breasts have settled into their post-baby shape and size.

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    Length of Surgery & What Is the Recovery Time?

    The surgery length is between 1.5-2 hours in length and you’ll be given either general anesthesia.

    Patients must be picked up from the appointment and monitored for 24-hours.

    Patients need 2-4 weeks to recover but may return to work after 1-week.

    Strenuous activity is not recommended for 6 weeks as your breasts need time to adjust to the implant’s shape and position.


    If you choose to explore a breast augmentation procedure with us, make sure to book an appointment to get started!

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