Cosmetic Facial Services

Cosmetic Facial Services

Refresh and Renew

No two faces age the same — but factors like gravity, sun exposure and daily stress affect us all. With an array of surgical procedures, you can erase years from your appearance, maintain a natural look and age gracefully.

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One of the most elegant ways to address facial aging is to elevate the facial fat by use of a SMAS-type facelift technique, also known as a Rhytidectomy. An artistic, almost invisible incision is placed around the ear. (When healed, this incision is difficult to detect in most patients.)

Frequently, many patients experience laxity of the brow and upper and lower eyelids. Falling of the eyebrows, especially toward the outside of the eye, results in a tired and sad look. Incisions of less than one inch are made in the hairline, and the brow is then re-suspended in a minimally invasive fashion. Removal of a tiny amount of skin from the upper eyelids can help restore a crisp upper lid contour.

Fat Transfer

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Obtaining a youthful, beautiful lower eyelid with a smooth transition onto the cheek is the ideal goal of lower lid surgery – and groundbreaking techniques are providing revolutionary results. In addition, a routine adjunct to facial rejuvenation is “re-inflation” of the face, with the transfer of the patient’s own fat around the lips and chin.


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Rhinoplasty involves changing the shape or size of your nose, which may be something you have wanted to do for a long time. Rhinoplasty can make a nose larger or smaller and can adjust the shape of the bridge, tip or nostrils. Rhinoplasty can also correct crookedness, injuries and breathing abnormalities due to problems with the internal structures of the nose. By placing the incisions for the rhinoplasty procedure inside the nostrils or across the thin flap of skin between them, rhinoplasty can be done with virtually no visible scarring. Issues related to previous nasal surgery can also be corrected (secondary rhinoplasty).

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