A facelift procedure can rejuvenate the face and restore our younger looking selves.

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    What Is a Facelift Procedure?

    When you come in for a facelift procedure, we will remove any excess skin on the face and neck and tighten up underlying tissues and muscles to improve how your skin drapes over your facial structure.

    The neck and jawline are recontoured to help you look and feel like you are 10 or more years younger.

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How Is a Facelift Procedure Performed?

    During your consultation with us, we will determine which type of facelift procedure would be best for you and which type of techniques should be used.

    During the procedure, we will lift the deeper layers of your face by using an undermining technique. This separates the overlying skin of the face and neck from your muscles and deep skin tissue.

    We will then raise the skin from your temples, cheeks, and neck and reposition the underlying connective tissue while removing excess skin and fat deposits. The skin will then be re-draped over the new underlying structure and the incisions will be closed.

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    What Characteristics Make a Good Candidate for Facelifts?

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    Permitting that you have no underlying health conditions, you are a good candidate for a facelift.

    If you smoke, you must be able to quit for at least 4 weeks before surgery. You must also avoid taking NSAID medications. 

    Are you worried about:

    • Sagging skin around the neck, mid-face, or jawline?
    • A loss of volume in your cheeks?
    • Nasolabial folds (crease lines that form between your nose and mouth corners)?
    • Marionette lines (crease lines that extend from your mouth down to your chin)?
    • Appearance of a double chin due to loose skin/excess fat?
    • A loss of muscle tone in your lower face (jowls)?

    If any of the above rings true and you have a positive attitude and realistic expectations about what can be done, then you are a perfect candidate for a facelift.

    What Can I Expect From My Recovery?

    Immediately after a facelift procedure, you can expect the following:

    • Keep your head elevated & no bending over.
    • There will be significant bruising and swelling within the first 48-hours.
    • There will be mild to moderate pain but you will be prescribed pain medication
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    the first week of recovery

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    During the first week of recovery, you:

    • Won’t be able to drive 
    • May have a feeling of tightness in the face.  
    • Not be able to take any anti-inflammatory medication for the first 2 weeks.
    • Stay upright for as long as possible to reduce swelling. 
    • Avoid bending or lifting heavy things.
    • Do not let water directly hit your face. 
    • Report excessive bleeding.

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    Weeks Two Through Six of Rhinoplasty treatment

    Weeks Two Through Six

    During weeks two through six, you:

    • Won’t be able to take on any strenuous activity.
    • Refrain from direct sun exposure as your face.
    • You will be able to sleep in a modified, reclined position. 

     It will take anywhere from 6-12 months before your facelift has completely healed.


    If you choose to explore a facelift procedure with us, make sure to book an appointment to get started!

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