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How to choose the right plastic surgeon?

Dear Beautiful,

So often we are asked, “How do I choose the best plastic surgeon?” The decision is a very individual one indeed and requires some investigative work on your end to answer the question. The good news is that there are many qualified plastic surgeons in our medical community, and with some research, you can find the perfect match.

First on your checklist are qualifications, qualifications, qualifications. Did I mention qualifications? The American Board of Medical Specialists acknowledges two certifications: the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only credentialing body whose inductees have the expertise to perform plastic surgery from head to toe. This information is readily available on any board certified plastic surgeons website, and everyone in his or her office should know this information too. So, all you have to do is ask the question, “Is Dr. Plastic Surgeon a board certified plastic surgeon?” It is that easy!

Once the doctor has passed the proficiency test, you can get more specific. Some things to consider: How many times has the surgeon performed the procedure you are contemplating? If you want a facelift, for example, ask how many the doctor performs in a given year, and follow up with a request to see before and after pictures. Do you know who will deliver your anesthesia? Is the facility a certified surgical facility? What kind of follow-up can you expect post-operatively? These are important questions to scrutinize.

Start out small. Take advantage of the expert skincare services and non-surgical options available in the practices you are considering. Plastic surgery websites may provide an overview, but nothing replaces the first-hand experience of meeting the doctor and staff. The best plastic surgery practices spend quality time discussing the uniqueness of your face and body, your concerns, and the available surgical and non-surgical options. The office staff should be available, informed, and attentive to your needs.

Surgery is, well, surgery, and you may not be ready today, but doing your homework in advance will help to narrow your choices so that you can pick, with 100% confidence, the doctor and practice that is perfect for you.

Love, Libby


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