Men’s Plastic Surgery

For many men, plastic surgery is a fantastic route to looking just as good as they feel.

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    As a Man You want to keep yourself active, engaged and looking your best

    While plastic surgery procedures are often undergone by women who want to improve self-confidence, self-esteem, and rejuvenate their appearance, more and more men are seeking out cosmetic options for themselves to address aging signs, to feel better, or maintain a competitive advantage in the professional sphere.  In 2018 alone, 1.3 million men had cosmetic procedures done to address aesthetic areas like the brow, face, nose, chest, trunk, neck, and eyes. 


    What Is Male Plastic Surgery?

    For men, plastic surgery procedures are different from those of their female counterparts. While many women may want to restore lost volume or soften up certain features, men are likely to seek out procedures that give them a more defined and sharper contour around certain areas of their body like their tummy, chest, or buttocks. 

    In men, things like having bulkier muscles, unique muscle to bone connection points, and thicker skin are all going to play a role in how certain areas of the body can be addressed with plastic surgery, and as such, should be taken into consideration. An example of this would be men who are able to accomplish significant weight loss and put on muscle, may be interested in body contouring, while men who have larger breasts, may choose a gynecomastia.

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What Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Common for Men?

    1. Areas Below the Head

    • Gynecomastia:  this helps treat the over development or enlargement of breast tissue in men. It removes the excess tissue and contours the breasts with the chest to look more masculine-natural.
    • Liposuction/Tummy Tuck: while there are many uses for liposuction, the most common in men is to correct a beer belly or to remove excess fat in the neck.
    • Thigh/Buttock Lift: this procedure for men looks to contour the buttocks, groin area, thighs, and sometimes done in conjunction with a tummy tuck for the abdomen, to correct large or droopy buttocks and thighs.

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    2. Facial Areas

    A before-and-after face of a man for consulting about common procedures in facials for men and plastic surgery
    • Eyelid Surgery: this is a common plastic surgery procedure for men that deals with the consequences of aging from things like excessive eye squinting, eye rubbing, sun exposure, and the use of contact lenses. It can help men with droopy/saggy eyelids, bags around the eyes, bulging eyes, a tired or sad appearance, or wrinkles/lines around the eyes.
    • Ear Surgery: this can be used on men who are self-conscious about how far their ears protrude away from the head.
    • Face Lift: a face lift can address common problems that come with age like deep creases or folds in the facial area, diminish lines and wrinkles, lower the face and neck, or even contour the neckline/chin or naturally shape the appearance of your cheeks and jowls.
    • Neck/Chin Lift: with these procedures, they address common male issues like double chins, turkey necks, and jawline problems.  Fatty areas of the neck can be addressed, your neck band can be reduced, and neck muscles tightened.
    • Men’s Rhinoplasty:  this plastic surgery procedure changes the shape, contour, size, and profile of your nose so that it fits more naturally with your face.  Other options in this category include nasal surgery, which can help improve sinus function and breathing.

    Other plastic surgery correction options that are great for men include BOTOX injections or a brow lift to diminish wrinkles on the forehead, soft tissue fillers to correct sunken areas in the face, or even microneedling to help with acne scarring. 


    What Are The Benefits of Male Plastic Surgery?

    The benefits that males see from plastic surgery are very similar to those of women.  Not only can males “tune-up” their body to show off their best assets, but they can slow down the effects of aging as well.  Many men cite the following benefits:

    • A happier sense of self, due to seeing a better version of themselves. 
    • The elimination of a particular feature that has become bothersome.
    • An increase in self-confidence. 
    • Achieving long-wanted aesthetic results that were previously unattainable.
    • A better life outlook due to improvements that will last a lifetime. 

    For men who consider and undertake plastic surgery, come away with feeling better about themselves emotionally, and physically, allowing them to feel more grounded and positive in their life.

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    Who Makes a Good Candidate For Male Plastic Surgery? 

    Are you a good candidate for plastic surgery as a man

    The best candidate for male plastic surgery is an individual that has reasonable expectations from the treatment they desire, and maintains a positive, realistic outlook.

    What is important here is to understand that the results achieved are based on an individual’s bone structure, skin elasticity, muscle tone, skin thickness, and other unique features to you. 

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