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Steps to reset your skin care routine


It’s time to make the switch. Move those jackets and sweaters into storage. Clean out your make-up drawer and replace those winter colors with warm weather corals, and hints of shimmer suggesting that summer is almost here. While you’re at it, make room for a skin care reboot. Now is the perfect time to replace those heavier winter creams and lotions with lighter formulas that offer the same benefits when the temperatures rise, and humidity is out of control.

Modifying your regimen doesn’t mean giving up all of your favorites. In fact, some of your cold weather products can do double duty. When it comes to choosing products for your skin care needs, Orlando Aesthetic Institute has your skin’s best interest at heart.

Remember to start with the basics: clean skin. If your lifestyle includes golf, tennis, boating, and beach combing, consider a stronger face wash to combat clogged pores from extra sunscreen and sweat. CBI’s Deep Purifying Cleanser contains AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acid) that help exfoliate dead skin. Obagi Foaming Gel is a gel-based cleanser that removes excess oil, dirt, and make-up.

If changing your facial wash is out of the question, consider the addition of a facial scrub three times a week. CBI’s Micro-Mineral Facial Scrub is a resurfacing treatment that buffs away dead skin cells, leaving skin fresh and clean.

Before applying serums or creams, restore your skin’s natural ph balance with your favorite toner. OAI’s aesthetician extraordinaire, Ashley Goldston, is always on the lookout for the latest products, but when it comes to toner she stands by these three:

  •  OBagi, Nu-Derm Toner, contains witch hazel and aloe.
  •  CBI Antioxidant Nutrient Toner contains a blend of botanicals and antioxidants that calm and tone the skin.
  •  PCA Nutrient Toner, a pumpkin wine-based solution filled with vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes.

Once the skin is clean and balanced, apply a brightening serum. Hydroquinone lovers pay close attention. Unless you pinkie-swear that you will slather on the sunscreen and avoid excessive exposure to the sun, spring and summer is the time to lay off products that contain 4% hydroquinone. Maintain the benefits from those skin- brightening products by replacing hydroquinone-based formulas with lighter serums that contain Vitamin C.

Vitamin C’s antioxidant component helps to keep those annoying brown spots from taking over. Try Vivier Advanced Lightening with Vit. C + E, perfect for mature, drier skin, or Vivier Serum 10 with Vit. C  for oily complexions.

Cleanse, tone, moisturize. The final two products everyone should have are a good moisturizer and an awesome sunscreen. OAI’s three favorite moisturizers are Young Pharmacy’s NiaRiche, Neova’s Crème de la Copper, and PCA’s Calendula.

  •  NiaRiche may already be in your repertoire because it’s just that good. This year-round product is for drier, mature skin. Its creamy-like texture, light and soothing, making it a cult favorite.
  •  Crème de la Copper is another moisturizer recommended for mature skin. Its blend of antioxidants and copper peptide complex improves the appearance of photo-damaged skin and boosts the moisture barrier without feeling greasy.
  •  Calendula Oil-Free Crème is a light-bodied moisturizer that packs a lot of punch in its sheer formula. If your complexion is on the oily side, try this to soften and protect during the summer months.

For the final step to a perfect skin care program, apply sunscreen. Here are four options to meet all your needs.

  •  Elta 46 Clear is a light oil-free formula perfect for running errands around town or going to the office.
  •  Elta 50 Sport Block, designed for outdoor sports and water activity, is waterproof and sweat resistant.
  •  Elta 44 Tinted provides oil-free daily sunscreen coverage with a hint of color. Think of it as a foundation-free day.
  •  Elta 30 combines sunscreen and a moisturizer in one application.

Start this spring looking fresh and bright. Your skin will thank you.





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