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Overview on Vanquish

Hello Beautiful,

The holidays are almost here. Yikes!! My heartbeat goes all out of whack picturing the traffic on I-4 as everyone makes their way to the mall in search of the perfect holiday LBD.

How many of you reading this blog are grabbing your waist and pinching that tiny bit of skin or noticing that little poof of fluffy-fluff trying to peek out over your waistband? Before you pull out your Skinny Fox Detox to flatten that tummy or reduce that muffin top, consider a few sessions with the body sculpting radio frequency device called Vanquish.

Here is how it works: “Focused-field” radio waves heat and eliminate the fat cells deep within the tissue. You know the areas I’m talking about, the places where exercise and diet dare to go to make a difference when you shimmy into your designer jeans.

Why Vanquish over CoolSculpt? Vanquish treats fat cells through heat while Coolsculpt does the opposite and cools the cells until they freeze. Vanquish is a more comfortable procedure, covers larger areas of the body per session, and is designed to treat both the hips and stomach.

In four to six 30 to 45-minute sessions one week apart, you can zero in on your tummy and those pesky love handles. Consider it a perfect lunch break procedure, a cat nap with an added benefit. George Costanza would be proud.

Love, Libby

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