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Ashley’s morning lip care routine

Dear Beautiful,

My favorite product from Dr. Clark’s office is the lip treatment from Skincare Essentials. I have at least three that rotate between my bathroom, my work desk, and my handbag. I usually keep a tube in the side pocket of my favorite purse to keep my lips feeling soft and supple, especially after a hard workout, or a long lunch meeting.

After talking with Dr. Clark’s staff, I found out I wasn’t the only one who had a favorite go-to product for skin care emergencies and daily maintenance. Check out our Instagram and Facebook page to learn what the staff at OAI and Morse Blvd carry in their bags. Maybe you’ll want to share your secret weapon too!

Love, Libby


What’s in your bag, Ashley?

Our aesthetician extraordinaire Ashley Goldston gave me a sneak peek inside her office tote and tucked beside her Walt Disney World change purse and her Minnie Mouse headband, I found Ashley’s combination skin essentials neatly nestled in a lovely linen makeup pouch.

“This is the collaboration of all the products I love and use daily,” said Ashley.

Ashley’s morning routine starts with the PCA Deep Purifying cleanser to reduce oil build-up. Next, she applies an antioxidant toner to calm her skin and improve absorption of the KojiCab All-in 1 product she uses to brighten and even skin tone, and reduce breakouts.

After a busy morning at the office, she pulls out her “skin rescue” pouch and dabs Intensive Eye Therapy to the skin around and under her eyes to brighten and hydrate, helping to refresh her look and protect her skin. To smooth out tiny wrinkle lines on her brow, or around her mouth, Ashley applies Bio Amino Anti-Line serum, a non-greasy anti-oxidant treatment. It’s the perfect lunch break reboot.

Before walking outside, Ashley is sure to reapply Elta 44 Tinted Sunscreen, oil free and water resistant sun protection that is better coverage than any BB cream she’s tested.


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