Unlike a traditional facelift or neck lift, MyEllevate does not remove excess skin or use incisions to tighten up the underlying muscles in the jaw area.

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    While a lot of us directly associate our aging appearances with our sagging skin, dull complexions, and loss of skin volume, it’s not just the depletion of collagen and skin elasticity that is making us look less youthful.

    As we age, our skin gets decreased support from our bone structures underneath, causing our jawlines, cheekbones, and eye-sockets to droop and sink. This is why surgical options for replenishing facial volume are so popular among those who want to freshen up their appearance. But for those who do not want to go with the traditional surgical options, there is a new minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedure called MyEllevate available which provides a support system for the underlying muscles and glands in your face.


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    What Is MyEllevate & How Does It Work Exactly?

    The MyEllevate procedure is a minimally invasive treatment option for individuals who want to rejuvenate their jawline. It uses the ICLED light guided suture system to shape the underlying muscles and glands within the jawline area, by placing a suture support system in and around these muscles and glands.

    It requires no traditional incisions, so most patients can rapidly heal from the procedure with minimal swelling and bruising to the jawline.

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    How Is MyEllevateDifferent To Traditional Facial Treatments?

    Unlike a traditional facelift or neck lift, MyEllevate does not remove excess skin or use incisions to tighten up the underlying muscles in the jaw area.

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    Woman showing results of how is MyEllevate different to traditional facial treatments

    How Long Is The Procedure?

    A woman with a flower on her head smiling and touching her chin

    For the majority of individuals, the MyEllevate procedure will take less than an hour to complete and only requires local anesthesia (general is available though).

    This is thanks to the ICLED light guided suture system which makes it incredibly easy for our surgeons to see where the suture needs to be placed, at what depth it needs to be placed, and where the most support is needed all without the need for making traditional incisions.

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    Who Is The Right Candidate for MyEllevate?

    An individual who is starting to show the early signs of aging with minimal skin laxity, but who is hesitant about going under the knife and would prefer a less invasive option.

    The ideal patient is someone who does not have a nice right-angle chin line or who has prominent glands under the neckline.

    An individual who is starting to show the early signs of aging with minimal skin laxity
    A woman touching her chin as she smiles

    What Does Recovery Time Look Like?

    The recovery time needed after a MyEllevate procedure is a couple of weeks, as there is very little bruising or swelling due to minimal tissue damage. The MyEllevate procedure uses tiny needle punctures rather than incisions to cut and replace the muscles, so you can return to your regular activities. The results will give you a refreshed look for years.


    If you choose to book a chemical peel treatment appointment with us, the only thing you need to do is arrive with a clean, make-up free face. We are ready to make sure skin look younger, fresher and healthier!

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