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If you are looking to regain a healthy glow, our Halo™ Laser Service can improve your skin’s appearance with no discomfort and no downtime.

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Restore your appearance and renew your confidence.

    As we move through our lives and time passes us by, we experience amazing events of discovery, growth, and happiness. However, during this time, our natural aging process slowly begins to dull our skin’s youthful radiance, until one day, we realize that we no longer have that luminous glow of our younger years.

    While this may be no fault of our own, looking into the mirror and seeing fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, age spots, and other blemishes is not always a welcomed sight. For those wanting to regain a healthy glow, our Halo™ Laser Service can improve your skin’s appearance with no discomfort and no downtime.


    What Is Halo™ by Sciton & How Does It Work?

    The Halo™ Laser by Sciton is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. It delivers both tunable non-ablative wavelengths at 1470nm and ablative wavelengths at 2940nm to the same treatment area, regardless of whether it is on your face, neck, arms, or chest.

    By delivering both tunable non-ablative and ablative wavelengths to the same microscopic area, your skin is resurfaced with maximum results and minimal downtime.


    • The non-ablative wavelength is tunable between 250-700 microns and is used to treat both the epidermis and papillary dermis layers. It corrects epidermal and dermal elastosis, which can be any number of skin issues like enlarged pores, spider veins, loose skin, wrinkles, age spots, and pigmentation.


    • The ablative wavelength that is delivered is also tunable between 20-100 microns and is used to purely ablate the skin and remove the epidermal layer. This causes the skin to jump start its natural healing process, stimulating collagen production which retracts and tightens the skin.

    As both of these wavelengths are delivered at the same time with the Halo™ Laser, you end up with the maximum amount of results for your skin condition with the least amount of downtime.


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    Sciton Halo hybrid fractional laser machine
    A woman's face who underwent halo sciton treatment

    What Benefits Does The Procedure Provide?

    You can expect the following benefits:

    • Extremely fast healing times, allowing you to re-apply makeup within 24-hours of the procedure being done.
    • Noticeable improvement in your skin within just a few weeks time.
    • No potential for blockages in blood vessels, meaning no post-care required.
    • Minimal pain which can be managed throughout treatment with Pronox and topical numbing.
    • Can be administered on the face, hands, legs, chest, arms, and neck.
    • Can treat a wide variety of skin issues including tougher conditions like scar revision, enlarged pores, and pigmented lesions.
    • No nerve blocking is required during the procedure. You will be given a topical anesthetic.
    • Results can be reproduced across numerous treatments.
    • The results are effective, seen within a short period of time, and are targeted to a specific areas of your skin.
    • You end up with a stronger wound healing response from your skin after the procedure because of how the Halo™ laser works.

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    What Skin Conditions Does the Halo™ Laser Treatment Fix?

    The Halo™ Laser Treatment is a skin resurfacing procedure, so it will help reduce or eliminate any of the following types of skin damage:

    • Skin discoloration,
    • Sun damage or sunspots,
    • Age spots or age lines,
    • Uneven skin tones,
    • Poor skin texture,
    • Fine lines,
    • Wrinkles,
    • Enlarged pores and,
    • Scarring.

    Beyond the above, the Halo™ Laser Treatment by Sciton works to reverse and correct damage that you cannot see.

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    A woman representing skin conditions treated by halo sciton treatment

    How Many Treatments Are Needed For Results?

    A woman's face laying on her side

    Those treated with Halo™ will see an improvement to their skin with as little as 1-2 treatment sessions.

    In comparison to non-hybrid laser skin resurfacing, this is quick, as typically it would require 5-6 treatments, otherwise.

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    If you choose to book a Sciton Halo™ appointment with us, the only thing you need to do is arrive with a clean, make-up free face. We are ready to make sure skin look younger, fresher and healthier!

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