Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The GentleLase™ is one of the industry’s premier laser hair removal systems, offering outstanding clinical effectiveness with a dynamic cooling advantage, allowing increased comfort.

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    Delay the growth of hair

    When it comes to removing unwanted hair from your legs, arms, armpits, chest or back, it can be a time-consuming process.

    If you have always used creams or shaving as your method of removal, busy schedules and hectic lifestyles can prevent you from taking the time every 1-2 weeks. Laser hair removal treatment has become a popular alternative because it delays the growth of hair over long periods of time, making the hair removal seem permanent.

    This is a fantastic option for individuals who want to deal with hair removal on a much more infrequent basis.

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    How Does It Work?

    A high-powered laser with a concentrated amount of energy (light) will be pointed at the treatment area. The melanin (pigment) in your skin will absorb the light that the laser emits, which will be converted into heat.

    The heat causes damage to your hair follicles which inhibits and delays further growth.

    What Causes Excess Hair Growth?

    • Certain medications, Genetics,
    • Hormones,
    • Malnutrition,
    • Metabolic Issues,
    • Tumors.
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    Who Performs the Treatment & How Effective Is It?

    Your laser hair removal treatment is performed under the direct supervision of one of our dermatologists, which is a physician who specializes in the treatment and management of skin and hair diseases, conditions, and problems.

    Our physicians will diagnose and provide you with a consultation on how best to remove your excess hair and explain which method will give you the best results.

    The effectiveness of the treatment is dependent on the targeted area.

    For instance, areas which have thin skin and thinner hair will respond better to treatment (armpits and bikini lines), whereas, places with thicker hair like your chest or legs will require multiple treatment sessions.

    You can expect a 10-20% reduction in hair visibility with your first treatment.

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    What Does a Consultation Look Like For Laser Hair Removal?

    Both a dermatologist and a laser technician will be present during your consultation to discuss your medical history including any instances of disease, abnormal scarring, history of cold sores, or outbreaks to the treatment area.

    Previous hair removal methods will also be discussed and tattoos, moles, tan, hair color, thickness of hair, and hair type will all be assessed.

    How Do I Prepare for My First Treatment Session?

    How do i prepare for my first laser hair removal

    In order to minimize risks and complications, you will be asked to follow a set of pre-treatment guidelines.

    These may include any of the following.

    • Avoid using any type of sunless tanners and tanning beds,
    • Use sunscreen of at least SPF 30+ when out in direct sunlight,
    • Do not pluck, wax, or use electrolysis. Shaving and creams can be used.
    • Avoid blood thinning medications like aspirin or anti-inflammatories.

    After your first treatment, it is recommended that you apply ice to the affected area and continue using SPF 30+ sunscreen. Ideally, avoid direct sunlight exposure for a few weeks afterward.  

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    Are There Any Complications or Risk With Getting Laser Hair Removal?

    Are there any complicatios laser hair removal

    While there are minimal risks associated with laser hair removal treatment, some complications may arise if pre- and post-treatment guidelines are not followed or if your hair color does not have enough contrast against your skin.

    If you require a more aggressive treatment plan, there may be higher risk of blistering and scarring.

    Current risks include Skin discomfort associated with swelling, redness, and tenderness. These side effects typically disappear within a few hours of treatment.

    Skin discoloration or pigmentation, including the lightening or darkening of the skin in treatment areas which may or may not be permanent.

    This side effect is more likely to occur if you do not avoid sun exposure after treatment or if you have a darker tones skin type.

    You may also experience pain or swelling directly around your hair follicles with redness that lasts for a few days after treatment.

    Freckles or tattoos may lighten with treatment.

    While uncommon, some individuals may get blistering, acne outbreaks, or bacterial infections.


    If you choose to book a Laser Hair Removal Treatment appointment with us, the only thing you need to do is arrive with a clean, make-up free face. We are ready to make sure skin look younger, fresher and healthier!

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