ProFractional Laser Resurfacing

Improve skin coloring, laxity, wrinkles and scarring, as well as stimulate collagen growth with little downtime.

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    Designed With Life in Mind

    When it comes to skin care, sometimes our best efforts are still met with conditions we just can’t seem to correct on our own.

    Whether it’s from a bad case of acne scarring from your teen years, or that one time you forgot sunscreen on that camping trip, skin damage and discolouration can plague anyone, and often leaves us feeling self conscious.

    With everyone being so busy all the time, treatments for such conditions can seem unrealistic or impractical, often taking days to heal.

    ProFractional laser resurfacing was designed with life in mind, working to treat skin conditions as quickly, efficiently, and comfortably as possible.

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    What Is ProFractional Laser Resurfacing & What Does It Treat?

    While ProFractional laser resurfacing is similar to other resurfacing treatment types, in that it uses an ablative laser to kickstart your body’s natural healing process, it differs in the scale of the treatment area.

    Unlike full-field resurfacing which treats a large surface area, ProFractional laser resurfacing creates narrow-diameter channels in your skin.

    These narrow-diameter channels heal at a much faster rate, give the patient increased comfort, tunable results, and a shorter recovery timespan.

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    The ProFractional laser resurfacing treatment is a solution for the following skin conditions.

    • Age lines or spots,
    • Wrinkles,
    • Light scarring,
    • Melasma (brown discoloration),
    • Sun damage,
    • Enlarged pores,
    • Uneven skin composition (tone and texture),
    • Crepey skin (loose/wrinkly skin). 

    We do ProFractional laser resurfacing on the facial area, neck area, chest, and hands where any of the above conditions typically occur.  


    How Does the ProFractional Laser Treatment Work?

    A microbeam-laser energy is used to create microscopic channels in the skin within the treatment area.

    These channels are so narrow that they are surrounded by healthy skin that goes untreated.

    The healthy skin speeds up the body’s natural healing process while the treated skin boosts the production of collagen.

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    What Should I Expect Going into Treatment & Does It Hurt?

    what should i expect going into treatment

    The treatment process for ProFractional laser resurfacing is quite swift when compared to other resurfacing options.

    A typical treatment session will take between 15-30-minutes but may take longer if your skin condition is in need of more extensive repair.

    To minimize pain, a numbing cream or topical agent is provided.  

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    How Many Treatments Are Needed to See Results?

    Generally, individuals will receive anywhere between 1-4 treatment sessions that are 3-6 weeks apart from one another.

    What Are the Results Like & What Benefits Will I See?

    The results will include a tighter, softer skin which has a healthier and smoother appearance.

    These results will be seen after the recovery process but will continue to improve for up to six months after treatment.

    The benefits of having this treatment done include

    • Sun damage repair,
    • Melasma treatment,
    • Reduction in pore size,
    • Tighter/Firmer skin,
    • A reduction in freckles and age spots,
    • Reduced scarring,
    • Improved skin tone and texture,
    • Brighter complexion,
    • A collagen production boost,
    • Reduction in lip lines and wrinkles around the eyes,
    • Can tighten the nasal labial folds.

    You should expect a mild redness, similar to a light sunburn, after the procedure.

    The downtime for ProFractional laser resurfacing is approximately 2-3 days but you will see improvement for several months post-treatment.

    You can return to work, wear makeup/sunscreen, and exercise within a day or two after treatment.

    What Does Post-Treatment Care Look Like?

    After your treatment session, we will provide you with a set of skin care products to use during your recovery time and include instructions on how to use them properly.

    Because your skin will be very sensitive for a few days after treatment, it is important that you avoid direct sunlight until you are fully healed.

    Once you are healed, you will be able to use sunscreen to avoid anymore bouts of premature aging and sun damage.


    If you choose to book a ProFractional Laser Resurfacing appointment with us, the only thing you need to do is arrive with a clean, make-up free face. We are ready to make sure skin look younger, fresher and healthier!

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