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Common concerns about Breast Enhancement

Dear Libby,

I’ve always been unhappy with my small breast size. I’m in my late 20’s and hesitant to have surgery, but I’m also feeling like now is the time to make a change.

Should I take the plunge?


B or C


Dear B or C,

It’s not uncommon for women your age to consider breast enhancement. In fact, it is the most frequently performed procedure in women in their 20’s and 30’s. Understanding your options, and what to expect after implants may help you with your decision.

Creating the ideal breast involves a natural balance of volume, nipple position, and shape. It is hard to imagine how implants will change the look of your body, so I suggest taking advantage of the latest technology in 3-D imaging. Special simulation software based on your body image lets you “try on” different size implants and see the results from various angles, helping you to select the implant that’s best for you. It’s just like trying out new hairstyles and hair colors on a computerized image of your face except it’s your breasts.

The 3-D Vectra imaging software can also simulate the look of an implant behind the muscle and placement of the implant above the muscle. A consult with your physician to discuss the pros and cons of each option is part of the process that leads to your optimum outcome.

Many women in their childbearing years wonder how pregnancy will affect their breast tissue and implants. Implants are not affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding, but your breast tissue goes through many changes during and after pregnancy. Adjustments to achieve your desired look may be necessary when your body returns to its pre-pregnancy state, something your plastic surgeon is well equipped to address when the time is right.

Another common concern with implants is your yearly mammogram. Implants above the muscle obstruct 20% of the breast tissue compared to 8% if the implant is under the muscle. The type of implant, saline or silicone, does not pose a problem. Implants do not increase your chances of getting breast cancer. Becoming familiar with your breast tissue with monthly self-exam and following the recommended guidelines from the American Cancer Society should be in your arsenal for early breast cancer detection.

Now that you have the Skinny on breast implants making your decision should be an easy one. Try on some implants with the 3-D imaging software. Seeing is not only believing, but also reassuring that breast enhancement is for you.



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