Difference Between "Gummy Bear" & Traditional Silicone Breast Implants

A Comparison Guide

For many women, the appearance of their breasts plays a vital role in self-esteem, and confidence levels, overall happiness and self-satisfaction, as well as how youthful, sexy, and gorgeous one feels.

If you are unhappy with your breasts, no matter the reason, and are considering breast implants, one of the first, and most important decisions you will make will be regarding the implant type.  There are several options available to you, with the newest one being the “gummy bear” implant, which is what we are covering today.

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What Are “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants & Where Does the Name Come From?  

The “gummy bear” breast implant is a unique type of silicone breast implant that is filled with a dense, highly-cohesive gel.

The scientific name for this is, “cohesive silicone gel breast implant,” which is quite a mouthful. It was nicknamed “gummy bear” because it retains its shape, even if the outer shell of the implant breaks, similar to how gummy bear candy works when cut. 

The advantage to this, is that the inside of the breast implant isn’t liquid, reducing the possibility of leakage if the implant breaks.

What Are Traditional Silicone Implants?

Traditional silicone breast implants, on the other hand, are pre-filled with a silicone gel. While this gel is thick in consistency, it remains more of a sticky gel, within the outer shell, rather than a cohesive gel.

A lot of women end up choosing silicone implants because they have a softness to them that mimic the natural bounce, and texture of actual breast tissue.

How Does the “Gummy Bear” Breast Implant Differ From Silicone?

While “gummy bear” and traditional silicone breast implants do appear to be quite similar, there are some notable differences that may cause the “gummy bear” implant to be your preferred choice.  Here are the main differences, listed out by categorization:

1. Inner Gel Consistency

The main difference between “gummy bear” breast implants, and traditional silicone implants, is the consistency of the gel substance within the outer shell. For “gummy bear” breast implants, the gel is “form-stable”, meaning that it retains its shape, even if the outer shell of the implant is broken or ruptures. This is achieved by cross-linking the silicone particles within the “gummy bear” implant, giving it a solid foundation. With a traditional silicone breast implant, the inner silicone gel is more fluid, so it loses its shape if broken.

2. The Overall Shape of the Implant

“Gummy bear” implants can be round, but are most often tear-dropped shaped. This means that they have a narrow top, with a broader base. With the tear-dropped shape, this resembles that of natural looking breasts, as they mimic the natural anatomical contours of a woman’s breast(s). With traditional silicone breast implants, these do come in different shapes, but tend to be rounded rather than tear-dropped.

3. Hardness, Softness, and Bounce

Due to the consistency of the gel, “gummy bear” breast implants differ in that they are slightly “harder” in their texture when compared to traditional silicone implants, which are quite soft to the touch. This means that “gummy bear” breast implants also have slightly less “bounce” to them than traditional silicone implants. However, the difference between the two isn’t incredibly significant. It is important to note here that with “gummy bear” breast implants, the extra firmness to them doesn’t feel unnatural in any way, but it does mean that they will not “shift” like natural breast tissue would. It also means that they are less likely to fold over on themselves, or gain a “ripple” effect like other implant types.

4. Dependency on Existing Breast Tissues

Another difference is that “gummy bear” breast implants do not rely on existing breast tissues, as they do not need to fit “around” existing breast tissue like traditional silicone implants. This makes “gummy bear” implants a fantastic choice for women who are undergoing breast reconstruction after a mastectomy procedure. 

5. Capsular Contracture Risk

One of the risks of breast augmentation procedures is capsular contracture, which is when a stiff layer of scar tissue forms around the implant. While this effect is a normal part of the healing process, and is advantageous as it keeps the breast implant in place, if the tissue becomes unusually hard, it can lead to aesthetic problems and potential pain in extreme cases. With “gummy bear” implants, this type of scarring is less likely to occur. 

6. Incision Site & Scar Placement

Finally, “gummy bear” implants do require a longer incision site than that of traditional silicone implants simply due to their tear-dropped shape and size, but the incision site and placement options for hiding the incision are the same as traditional silicone breast implants.

Wrapping It Up  

With “gummy bear” implants, it is critical that you do routine follow-up visits with your surgeon, as well as, have periodic MRI screenings done. The reasoning for this is because it is harder to tell if one of your implants ruptures, breaks, or leaks, due to the firmness of the cohesive-gel.  If you would like more information about “gummy bear” implants, or would like to find out if you are a good candidate for breast implant surgery, please give us a call at 407-629-5555, or use our contact form.

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