What Is Included In A Mommy Makeover?

Available Procedures

As so many mothers already know, the joy that comes from bringing a child into this world is incomparable.  However, the effects of childbearing and breastfeeding on the body bring about some not-so-welcome physical changes that can heavily impact your confidence, comfort, and mental well-being, so much so, that it can be difficult to come to terms with it. When diet, exercise, and non-surgical treatments miss the mark on helping you restore your body, this can leave you feeling self-conscious and looking for another way to get back to looking and feeling like pre-pregnancy to you. This is when you should consider a Mommy Makeover.

New mother could get a mommy makeover with a plastic surgeon

What Is a Mommy Makeover?  

A Mommy Makeover is a combination of surgical procedures that are selected and tailored specifically to you, to help you reverse pregnancy-related changes that you’re concerned about. While it can help address common things like stretch marks, abdominal muscle separation, deflated breasts, and weight gain, you choose which types of procedures you would like.

For example, you may want to restore the shape and size of your breasts, and contour your butt, while others may want to minimize the fatty deposits on their hips, thighs, and waist or remove sagging skin from their arms. Every Mommy Makeover is unique to the individual’s specific goals and concerns, so that you leave surgery feeling rejuvenated and at your best.

3 Common Procedures Included in a Mommy Makeover

The Mommy Makeover involves a combination of at least two or more surgical procedures performed during a one-stage operation. The most popular combination of procedures includes a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast lift/augmentation. However, you can have multiple surgeries done if you want to include other procedures like breast reductions, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, or thigh/arm/butt lifts. With that said, here are 3 common procedures that are usually included in a Mommy Makeover:

  1. Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty: the tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is quite beneficial for mothers as it addresses the abdominal area which is drastically impacted by pregnancy. The tummy tuck can remove loose skin and stubborn fat, as well as tighten up the abdominal muscles that become stretched with pregnancy. If you have separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), the tummy tuck will help create a firmer and smooth abdominal profile by repairing the laxity and weakness in your stomach. Some mothers benefit from a mini tummy tuck, while others require a full tummy tuck during their Mommy Makeover procedure.
  2. Breast Enhancement – Augmentation, Lift, & Breast Reduction Options: while you can get a breast augmentation or breast lift surgery on your own, combining these two procedures can help new mothers see transformative results in both the youthful pertness and positioning of their breasts. Breast augmentation restores or adds volume to the breasts via saline or silicone-filled breast implants, or through a fat transfer procedure. Then, with a breast lift (mastopexy), any loose skin is removed, and the breasts are elevated and reshaped. Women who have increased breast size that is permanent from pregnancy may want a breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) as well as a breast lift.
  3. Liposuction Body Sculpting: for some women, the pregnancy pounds melt away after giving birth, but for others, the fat becomes stubborn and resistant to diet and exercise. If this is you, liposuction can work wonders to help contour your body by eliminating fatty deposits in a multitude of regions. The most common liposuction procedures are thigh and arm lifts, which remove excess skin and fat from these areas to tighten them up and smooth them out. Liposuction is minimally invasive, works well to enhance natural curves, and can be done on the abdomen, hips, backs, arms, thighs, and love handle regions.

As you can see, there are a variety of procedures that can be included in a Mommy Makeover surgical plan. The end goal is to give new mothers like yourself, a chance to restore their bodies back to how they looked and felt pre-pregnancy. If you’re interested in learning more about Mommy Makeovers, contact us for a consultation today, and our board-certified surgeons will work with you to create a Mommy Makeover plan that is perfect for your body’s unique needs.

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