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    While motherhood can be a wonderful, memorable, and exciting experience for women, those who choose to have a natural birth, must go through a turbulent physical transition.

    With this transition comes many bodily changes including the expansion of the belly (an enlarged uterus), weight gain, breast size increase, and stretch marks to name a few. These changes can be extremely difficult on the body, leaving their lasting marks well after the child is done breastfeeding.

    As a result, many women find themselves wanting to reclaim their body as it once was prior to pregnancy. Diet and exercise are often prescribed for this, but when these are not enough, a mommy makeover can help address specific concerns.

    What Does the Mommy Makeover Surgery Entail & Why Is It So Popular?

    The mommy makeover surgery is a cutesy term or “catch-all” phrase used to describe a series of specialized plastic surgery and body contouring procedures that are performed together to improve the physical changes that linger after pregnancy. These procedures are done in one operation and provide dramatic results as they collectively address the most common effects of birthing and breastfeeding.

    Any mother that goes through with a mommy makeover is going to have their weight gain, breast deflation, and skin stretching fixed in one fell swoop. The popularity of this plastic surgery procedure has increased over the last few years as more women are choosing to have children between the ages of 25-35, the age range where having a flatter stomach and perkier boobs is still extremely desired.

    Beyond this, the older you are during pregnancy, the less likely it is for your body to “snap back” to its prior aesthetic state without immense effort on your part through rigorous exercise training and nutritional eating.

    Combine this with the fact that more women are accepting of plastic surgery procedures, and that these procedures have been demystified by open-book patients and social media platforms, has helped the mommy makeover become more mainstream.

    It also helps that these specific plastic surgery procedures are far more advanced thanks to medical technology, which has made them safer and more appealing, generating an upswing in interest. Finally, the mommy makeover has no set components, making it very easy to hand-tailor to the individual’s unique needs to bring optimal results and natural looking results.

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    What Procedures Are Included in a Mommy Makeover?

    For most women, the primary areas of concern that change with motherhood are the breasts and abdomen areas. The mommy makeover tends to center around plastic surgery procedures that address enlarged breasts, deflated (saggy) breasts, as well as, loose abdomen skin and stretch marks. Breast and body contouring treatments look to rejuvenate these areas, but the breakdown of the actual procedures will typically include the following five treatments.


    Breast Lift / BREAST Augmentation / BREAST Reduction

    Some women will receive a breast lift or augmentation after giving birth due to the amount of changes that their breasts will go through during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    During pregnancy, the breasts may increase up to a full cup size and during breastfeeding, it is common for them to expand and contract dramatically due to milk production. This may cause the skin to stretch to accommodate the milk, leaving flatter and saggier breasts.

    Some women may also have smaller breasts once they are done breastfeeding, making a lift and augmentation preferable. A breast reduction can also be done if the breasts appear too large and too flat; making them smaller and augmenting them, will bring back the breast volume and youthful appearance.

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    Tummy Tuck

    Tummy tuck - mommy makeover

    A tummy tuck is a very well known surgical procedure as it produces dramatic results around the stomach area.

    The plastic surgeon makes a long incision around the bikini line and pulls down your skin and muscles to tighten them.

    If upper abdominal tightening is required, a second incision is made near your belly button. The loose skin is removed and muscle damage is repaired during the tummy tuck.

    If upper abdominal tightening is required, a second incision is made near your belly button. The loose skin is removed and muscle damage is repaired during the tummy tuck.

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    This cosmetic surgery procedure is typically given before a tummy tuck and involves the removal of fat deposits that are stubborn and hard to remove with other methods.

    Liposuction can be used on most areas of the body, but is generally administered to the hips, thighs, abdomen, and upper hips (love handles).



    During birth, some women’s labia minora will stretch substantially, causing the flaps of the labia minora to protrude beyond the protective labia majora.

    This can be extremely uncomfortable because the labia minora is very sensitive and can be bothersome during exercise (even walking) and sexual intercourse.

    A lot of women are also embarrassed by it. A labiaplasty will remove the excess skin and stitch the labia minora so that it can heal.

    Once healed, it will be fully protected by the labia majora again and will be both comfortable and functional.


    Circumferential Abdominoplasty

    Also known as a body lift, will help shape and tone the underlying tissue that supports your abdominal skin and fat.

    Excess abdominal skin is removed, fat is removed, and irregular skin surfaces (dimples) are also removed.

    The body lift can be applied to the thighs, buttocks, and abdominal area (lower back, around the sides).

    What Other Procedures are Available?

    While these 5 procedures are typical in mommy makeovers, a thigh lift, arm lift, and Brazilian butt lift may also be recommended or undertaken depending on what the needs of the individual are.


    Can Any Mother Receive a Mommy Makeover In Orlando?

    A good candidate for the set of procedures of a mommy makeover is generally someone who is done having children completely and who does not have any medical conditions that impact healing and recovery.

    Those who have recently gone through childbirth or those who are still nursing, are not good candidates as results will not be as good and your ability to recover will be impaired. It is recommended that those who wish to receive a mommy makeover, wait at least 12-months before booking a mommy makeover.

    Why? 6-months is recommended to allow your body to heal after childbirth and give it time to bounce back to as close as your initial pre-pregnancy weight as possible.

    Another 6-months is recommended to ensure that you are done breastfeeding your baby, so that results on your breasts are not impaired.

    Those who are smokers will need to be able to quit for at least 2-weeks prior to your mommy makeover and be smoke-free for at least 2-weeks afterwards

    How Do You Maintain Your Mommy Makeover Results?

    How do you maintain your mommy makeover results

    1. Work towards a healthy body weight before receiving the mommy makeover.

    2. Eat a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet.

    3. Get the appropriate amount of sleep.

    4. Be at least 15-25-pounds away from your goal weight.

    5. Maintain an exercise routine.

    6. Have no plans for future pregnancies.

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    What does the mommy recovery look like


    The mommy makeover recovery process and time needed to heal is determined by which procedures are performed and how many are performed together. Combining procedures together should lead to a shorter recovery time, however, recovery time is still considered to be lengthy. Bandages will be placed over incisions which will need to be left on for a few days and some parts of your body may require a compression bandage to be worn for a few weeks to keep swelling down. If your surgeon is worried about fluid buildup, drainage tubes can be placed in to help.  The mommy makeover recovery period is a substantial 4-6 weeks, and scarring will fade in 6-months.

    No exertion is required, which means no lifting things if you’ve had breast surgery and no twisting or lifting heavy items if you’ve had your abdominals worked on.


    Most patients are prescribed pain medication or a local anesthetic for specific incision sites. The pain should be manageable though, in so long as you are not over exerting yourself, and staying comfortable. Use extra pillows and have someone around to help you with everyday tasks like preparing food, drinking water, and going to the washroom.

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