Body Contouring Surgery

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We all envision the “perfect” body measurements — but the reality is that genetic distribution of fatty tissue, pregnancies and/or massive weight loss can result in a little extra “this or that” around our tummy and thighs. If diet and exercise aren’t enough to handle problem areas, plastic surgery can be a useful tool in body contouring.


The liposuction procedure is done through tiny incisions that are well hidden by the creases in your skin. A solution of salt water, numbing medicine and medication to prevent bruising is injected into the tissue, while fat is removed using a wand. Additional techniques, such as ultrasounds (vasers) and lasers, are utilized in certain circumstances.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Tummy tucks remove skin and tighten the musculature. The incision and resultant scar are placed very low, just above the pubic hair. If the patient has an incision from a C-section or a hysterectomy, this incision is used and sometimes made slightly longer. The length of the incision determines the amount of skin that can be removed. Muscles are tightened through the incision, and the skin is then pulled in a downward direction to provide a tight and smooth contour. Often times, this is performed in conjunction with liposuction, which is a wonderful addition to reduce “love handles” and improve the contour of the waist. Tummy tuck recovery varies with the magnitude of the procedure.

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